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the following guid will make it easy for you to use post-app
have a nice experience !


to get started press on the sign in button (see image) in the home page:

facebook announces all our new users about the permissions post-app requires. those permissions are needed for us to provide you with our services. if your a first time user you will be prompt with the first phase of the permissions wizard (see image) announcing you about the data facebook shares with post-app:

press on the continue button to advance to the next step (see image) in which you'll be announced about the actions post-app performs on behalf of the user:

this phase also allows you to set your post audience. press on the ok button and you will be back to our home page that now contain a user menu (see image) in which you can start post, manage your groups list and follow statistics
not authorizing the following permissions may cause inability to provide our services (read more about information use in our privacy policy)


this page contain 3 tabs, the first tab (see image) allows you to add facebook groups to your personal list in which later on you can upload your posts. in order to add group to your list go to the group's facebook page and copy the url, paste it in the text box and press the 'submit url' link, after you finished submitting all your desired groups press the 'add groups' button.

the second tab allows you to delete groups from your list, just mark the groups you desire to remove and press the delete button

the third tab allows you to create and manage custom group lists, in which, later on you can use when posting. to create a group list just mark the desired groups and press the 'create list' link and in the end press the 'save' button you can also add\delete groups to\from existing list or delete an entire list, every change requires pressing on the 'save' button your lists will be displayed in the 'post' page


after creating your groups list you can start posting using the post page, just select your target groups and post content. you can select random groups by marking the 'free selection' option in the 'user's lists' section or mark one of your lists to auto select it's groups. the 'validate groups status' link allows you to update your groups information for any name or privacy change (groups that no longer public will be deleted from the list). you can add to your post photos, links or videos using the right side tabs (see image).

the 'display clicks statistics' option (see image) in the 'link' tab will provide you with a display of clicks on your published link made by group's visitors. the clicks statistics will be dispalyed in the 'campaigns' page


the campaigns page give you quick access to your posts in which you can check for comments, likes, etc... in case you've created a link campaign you will be able to monitor clicks made by every campaign's group members (see image)

we hope you enjoy using post-app and want to see you back for any question, suggestion or remark please contact us